Thursday, 29 December 2016

Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman!

During my ten month pregnancy I had quite a lot of comments that made me want to slap people in the face, or ask if they think I really care about their opinions.

Here is a list of things people actually said or asked me during those ten months:

- "Are you pregnant? Thought you'd put on a bit of weight" Yes, someone actually said that to a hormonal pregnant woman,

- "What do you want?" Umm a baby?

- "Were you trying?" People only ask this for you to say no so they have some drama in their life!!

- "Have you thought of any names?" Then proceed to turn their nose up at every name on your short list.

- "Liver is good for babies, eat that" They also used to say smoking was good for you but I'm not going to start that habit

- "You're getting big/ You're filling out" Really? I never noticed my stomach growing so far out I can't stand close to the sink anymore

- "Don't eat too much, don't want to put on too much weight" ...Just shut up

- "You might as well eat that, you're going to get fat anyway"  ....Oh gee thanks

- " You need to cut those nails, it's not safe for the baby" The baby that is yet to be born?

- "My daughter had ...A long labour / huge baby / emergency section / awful labour" Delete as appropriate

- "You look tired" You try carrying this much weight around constantly and see how perky you look

- " You're going to the toilet again?" Yes, I have a bowling ball on my bladder

- Any old wives tales about cravings, size of bump or shape of bump

People may think they know what they are talking about because they have had children themselves but they need to know one thing...We don't care! Every pregnancy is different because every woman is different, we don't need people making us feel down or scaring us with their stories. Just be happy for the person, ask how they are and then keep any of the above comments and questions to yourself and you'll see a happy pregnant woman....Well, as happy as you can be being constantly uncomfortable.

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