Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Pregnancy: The Twelve Week Scan.

Three days before my twelve week scan the rather inaccurately named 'morning' sickness started, something that would plague me for seven more weeks.

The day of the twelve week scan we were scared. We had never done this before and we knew that there was a chance -even though it was a small chance- that it could be bad news. When it was my turn, the midwife took me into the room and told me to lay on the bed which was covered with some blue paper, lift my top and pull down my leggings slightly.

I remembered my heart was pounding and my bladder was full and uncomfortable, my boyfriend put his hand reassuringly on my foot as he was sat at the bottom of the bed, looking up at the screen in the corner of the room. The gel was cold which distracted me enough until a little black and white picture appeared on the screen. We instantly saw Peanut bouncing around in my tummy - another memory I will never forget- I looked down at my boyfriend who was wiping away a tear as I tried not to cry myself. Relief was the best feeling in the world knowing peanut was safe and healthy in my belly.

Taking the scan picture to show our parents and give them their copies was the best feeling in the world.... other than finally going for a wee after my scan that is.

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